Projekt Kutsevalik

March 2021 has brought good news to Viljandi Vocational Training Centre. We received support for the implementation of the choice of profession curriculum from the small project application round of the European Economic Area and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2014–2021 program “Local Development and Poverty Reduction” (EE-LOCALDEV).

The total cost of the project “Implementation of Curriculum of Profession Choice at Viljandi Vocational Training Centre” is 166,680 €. The project lasts 30 months, during which 36 study sites will be created. During this time, we will open 5 groups - both 10-month (60 ECTS), first of all intended for students with special educational needs, and 5-month (30 ECTS). With the help of the funding, we can deal with raising the quality of teaching, develop the curriculum and extracurricular cooperation network and remunerate the work of teachers and supervisors, cover the cost of work clothes, materials, etc., support the internal support network with various trainings and organize thematic events.

The aim of career choice studies is to offer young people additional opportunities in their choice of a profession. The target group is young people up to the age of 25 who do not know what profession they would like to have in life; who has not continued to study or work after completing basic school; who has dropped out of vocational training or upper secondary school; who have special needs or come from abroad. Our goal is that at least half of the participants in the program will start to study in vocational education in the initial study curriculum or will go to work.

It is our second academic year of teaching profession choice program at Vana-Võidu and so far the training has been received well. Young people can get acquainted with studies in several fields, receive respective individual preparation for making career choices, participate in various study visits and group joint activities, get acquainted with study opportunities in other vocational education institutions, engage in volunteer work. The rotation of general subjects and practical activities gives the learner diversity.