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Furniture restorer - 2 years (part time studies)

Type of studiesFormatRequired BackgroundLength of studiesEQF LevelApplication perios in SAIS
Type of studiesVocationalFormatNon-stationary / part timeRequired Background9th grade diplomaLength of studies 2 yearsEQF Level4Application perios in SAIS01.04. til 13.08.2023

Apply to study (in Estonian): Furniture Restoration - 2 year program (part time study) 

A brief introduction to the speciality:

A furniture restorer is a craftsman who restores furniture items to their original condition. They base their work on their knowledge of furniture history. They value historical furniture and learn how to appreciate and preserve it. The furniture restorer has a good knowledge of traditional wood, upholstery and finishing materials and techniques. Knows how furniture is made, uses hand tools and different woodworking machines in restoration.

Non-stationary (part time) training takes place once a month, usually from 9.05 to 17.30, in accordance with the year plan and weekly timetable. In total, there are 10 one-week sessions during the year.

In addition, there is a 14-week in-company training placement in a furniture restoration company over a two-year period, supervised by an in-company trainee supervisor. As a trainee apprentice, the learner will develop professional knowledge and skills and familiarise them with the company's opperations.

The apprenticeship culminates in a vocational examination. Curriculum (in Estonian):

Subject matter covered in furniture restoration:

  • furniture history
  • the history of furniture
  • the history and history of wood furniture
  • furniture upholstery restoration
  • furniture finishing
  • cutting and sewing of materials
  • wood cutting
  • veneering
  • inlay design
  • business basics

We offer:

High quality teaching in modern classrooms and laboratories, accommodation in modern dormitories, tasty food, sports facilities and the opportunity to participate in recreational activities.

In addition, we expect our future furniture restorers to have a good work ethic, enjoy a variety of sports activities, excellent facilities and a wide range of sports activities.

Good manual dexterity, responsibility, perseverance, punctuality, analytical skills, spatial imagination, computer skills.

After graduating:

The possibility of setting up your own business or working in a furniture restoration company.

Continue studies to level 5 in furniture restoration.

Further information: Anneli Silm, Head of furniture restoration, tel: 53090130;