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The main admission for the new academic year 2022/2023 will start on 4 April 2022 on the website and will last until 26 June.

According to the Estonian Qualifications Framework (EQF), VIKK offers qualifications at levels 2, 3, 4 and 5, depending on your choice.


You can study on a full-time (daytime), part-time (distance learning) or work-based basis. There are also learning opportunities for learners with special educational needs, the deaf and hard of hearing.

For more details, see the description of each specialisation.

For information on learning opportunities, please contact the head of department:

Service and Computer Studies - Tiina Tambet, tel. 435 1031;

Tiina Tiina Telematics and Telematics Telematics - Tiina Telematics - Anti Kivistik tel. 5026621;

Jaan Mätas, tel. 5082307 or Tiina Tistikistik, tel. 5082307.

From the tutor - Helen Roosileht 56894600, e-mail

Documents required to enter the school:

    Identity document (ID-card, passport);
    ID card (passport, passport, passport, passport, passport, etc.) A written application submitted online via the admission website or on the school premises (the confirmed application will provide information on the date and venue of the interview or test);
    The original of the document certifying that you meet the conditions for enrolment laid down in the vocational training standard or the curriculum, or a notarised copy or a copy of the original of the document made at the VIKK;
    In the case of a foreign student, a document stating permanent or valid temporary residence permit or right of residence or, failing this, a certificate of legal residence in the Republic of Estonia issued by the competent authority in a form that can be reproduced in writing;
    if possible, the latest certificate for enrolment in a profession without educational requirements;
    for entry to studies on the basis of basic education, the certificate of completion of basic education and the mark sheet and the original or a copy of the certificate of completion of the final grade;
    For entry to a course of study on the basis of secondary education, a school-leaving certificate from a secondary school or vocational college and an original or copy of the transcript of records;
    a letter of motivation;
    A letter of confirmation of enrolment from the employer, a letter of recommendation or a letter of guarantee of a traineeship would be an advantage.
    A copy of a valid professional qualification or a self-assessment of competences for applicants for further training.

Minors under 18 years of age must submit in addition:

    The written consent of a parent or guardian to study;
    A health card from the previous school (to be returned);
    The parent/guardian or legal guardian (return of the previous school record).

Learning conditions:

    The duration of the course is between 6 months and 3 years, depending on the specialisation (curriculum);
    In the case of in-service school-based training, around half of the learning time is spent in practical training in the school's laboratories and apprenticeship enterprises;
    In the case of work-based learning, two thirds of the learning time is spent in practical training in the company;
    In non-stationary (sessional) learning, independent work accounts for more than half of the learning time;
    School holidays are in winter, spring and summer (see academic calendar);
    The best learners participate in the Estonian Youth Vocational Championship "Young Master", where the winner gets the opportunity to represent Estonia in international competitions (if this speciality is on the competition programme) Euro Skills and World Skills;
    Hobby groups offer the opportunity to pursue your favourite sports after school (car racing, robotics, sports, band, etc.);
    Sport is well developed in the school, which has its own sports hall. There is a choice of ball games, athletics, wrestling, weightlifting and a number of team games: basketball, volleyball, football, table hockey, etc. The school has a good sports hall;
    VIKK Driving School offers the opportunity to acquire driving skills at a discounted price (-10%);
    VIKK KIKK offers the possibility to stay on academic leave (see study rules);
    For students who study beyond the prescribed period of study, tuition fees may be set according to the specialisation (depending on the specialisation, 1 credit point or course may cost between €25 and €50).
    Building services engineers, car mechanics, car mechanics and car technicians can receive free of charge, according to the syllabus, category B driving instruction in course III.


Published 04.04.2018. Last changed 10.04.2024.