101 years of school in Vana-Võidus

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The birth of the Republic of Estonia gave us the opportunity to determine our own destiny. The manors were given to the people. A school of agriculture was founded in the Vana-Võidu von Stryki manor with the approval of the republican government.

On January 13, 1921, Mr Eduard Kullasepp gave the first lessons to 18 students who had been accepted into the school.

Overview of Viljandi Kutseõppekeskus (Viljandi Vocational Training Centre) in Vana-Võidu, Viljandi.

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Vocational education institution has been in Vana-Võidu since 1921. The present school, Viljandi Vocational Training Centre has been here since 1999 as a result of a merger of two vocational schools. Today we are a public school with ca 65 teachers.

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